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  • Anti HOXA9[Class I homeoprotein] monoclonal antibody (clone : HOX5I043)

Monoclonal Antibodies to Transcription Factors and Nuclear DNA Binding Proteins

Anti HOXA9[Class I homeoprotein] monoclonal antibody (clone : HOX5I043)



In vertebrates, the genes encoding the class of transcription factors called homeobox genes are found in clusters named A, B, C, and D on four separate chromosomes. Expression of these proteins is spatially and temporally regulated during embryonic development. This gene is part of the A cluster on chromosome 7 and encodes a DNA-binding transcription factor which may regulate gene expression, morphogenesis, and differentiation. This gene is highly similar to the abdominal-B (Abd-B) gene of Drosophila. A specific translocation event which causes a fusion between this gene and the NUP98 gene has been associated with myeloid leukemogenesis. [NCBI Entrez Gene Summary]


[Western Blot]
Left : Western blot analysis of immunized recombinant protein, using anti-HOXA9 monoclonal antibody. Right : CBB staining of immunized recombinant protein.


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Anti HOXA9, Human (Mouse) Unlabeled DataSheet


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