PAP Pen Super-Liquid Blocker Mini


This ready-to-use hydrophobic barrier pen is designed for immunohistochemistry applications. The surface tension provided by the circle, square, or any other shapes drawn to t tissue sections with the pen, ensures that only the amount of antibody solution needed for the sucient reaction will be applied. The pen is stable up to 129 degrees C in microwave heat.
The PAP Pen is an eective tool for immunostaining procedures by the Peroxidase-Antiperoxidase (PAP) method, ABC method, LSAB method, polymeric method, immunouorescence method, ASD method, Enzyme method and Frozen Section method.
For paran sections, the PAP Pen should be applied after deparanization. For frozen sections, the PAP Pen can be applied after xation.

Reducing waste and divides slides into discrete areas for immunostaining, histology, cytology, cell culture, virology, microbiology.
Effective for immunostaining, PAP method,  ABC method, ASD method, enzyme and frozen section methods.


Super PAP Pen Liquid Blocker, clear, mini size, approx. 3cc. PAP Pens are used for immunohistochemical applications. The hydrophobic properties allow the user to draw barriers on the slide, in any pattern, to confine the flow of reagents to a defined area. A minimum of valuable antiserum will be used. Marking can be removed with Xylene.

Feature and Advantages

Improved Features

◊@In an immunohistochemistry staining, you can make a water-repellent circle around a specimen on the slide glass easily. It prevents antibody and the PBS arewashed away.

◊@Performance improvement made it possible to use wide range of use such as fluorescent antibody method and Immunostaining (the PAP method, the ABC method).

◊@The coherence to slide glass became more certain.

◊@Superior in water repellency. The written circle is insolubility to alcohol and acetone, dissolves in xylol.

◊The heat resistance improved to 120°C!


 Q   How much is the inner capacity?
 A   As for the regular, 6cc, the mini are 3cc.
     @Use time: 1,000 times for regular, 500 times for the mini.

 Q   How much is the pen point thickness?
 A  @4mm for regular. 2mm for mini.

 Q   How many degrees is the liquid blocker ignition point?
 A    46°C

 Q   Is it all right even if I keep it at -30 degrees Celsius?
 A   It doesn't have any problem if you put it
     @to the room temperature before using.

Product List

Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

PAP Pen Super-Liquid Blocker Mini DataSheet ,


1 PC ¥2,700

PAP Pen Super-Liquid Blocker DataSheet ,


1 PC ¥4,600

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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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