Biological clock protein-related antibodys



The negative feedback model of molecular biological clock.

CLOCK-BMAL dimmers were shown to transactivate the expression of period and timeless genes. Futhermore, PER-TIM plays a role as the repressor of CLOCK-BMAL-mdiated reporter induction.

Most organisms show circadian 24-h rhythmicity in their behavior and phsysiology. In mammals, biological clock is located in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), generates circadian rhythms in behaviour and physiology. These biological rhythms are adjusted daily to the environmental light/dark cycle via the retinohypothalamic tract (RHT). Three mammalian priod genes (per1, per2, and per3) that resemble the clock-regulating gene of Dorosophia melangaster, period(per ), have been cloned. Circadian clocks are also located in peripheral tissues of mammals that are synchronized by the SCN. A molecular description of the mammalian circadian system has revealed that circadian oscillations may be a fundamental property of many cells in the body. The nuclear entry of the circadian regulator mPER1 is controlled by mammalian casein kinase Ie. This antibody is useful tool to clarify molecular functions that regulate biological clock.

Human PER2 highly manifested COS1 cell

Negative control (nonimmune rabbit serum)

Anti human PER2 antibody (#KAL-KI045EX)

Human PER3 highly manifested COS1 cell

Negative control (nonimmune rabbit serum)

Anti human PER3 antibody (#KAL-KI046EX)

Prof. Nario Ishida
Industrial technology laboratory .

Biological clock protein related antibody

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Anti Period1 / PER1, Human (Rabbit) Unlabeled DataSheet


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Anti Period2 / PER2, Human (Rabbit) Unlabeled DataSheet


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Anti Period3 / PER3, Human (Rabbit) Unlabeled DataSheet


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Anti Period1 / PER1, Rat (Rabbit) Unlabeled DataSheet


200 UG ¥49,000

Anti Period3 / PER3, Rat (Rabbit) Unlabeled DataSheet


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*IH:Immunohistochemistry WB: Westernblotting

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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