convenient to quantify amount of urinary diacetylspermine.

Urinary Diacetylspermidine ELISA Kit



Polyamines are generally believed to function both in protein synthesis and DNA synthesis leading to control cell proliferation. In 1971, Russel firstly reported that total amount of urinary polyamines elevated in cancer patients. And quantitative kit of urinary polyamines were already developed and utilized as a general biochemical examination.
Recently two diacetyl-derivatives, N1,N12-diacetylspermine and N1,N8-diacetylspermidine, were found to be excreted in urine and form 0.6% and 1.4% of total polyamines respectively.
Comparing urine of diseased person with urine of healthy person, some reports suggested the possibility that diacetyl-derivatives correlate to the status of disease more closely than total amount of polyamines.
Our kit is convenient to quantify amount of urinary diacetylspermine by using ELISA method. This kit is only for research use, not for diagnosis.

·Highly sensitive and specific
·Strip type well, antigen pre-coated microplate
·Assay range: 6.25~200nM

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Measurement Principle

Calculation method of clinical data

In general , the amount of urine change easily by amount of water take or environment even in renal disease patients and healthy persons, and concentrations of excrement depend on their amount. The amount of urinary creatinine depends on the amount of muscle and their measurements correlate positively. Therefore, correct actual measurement of Diacetylspermidine concentration (nM) in urine with creatinine concentration (mg/dl).


Domain of standard curve : 9.375~600nM
Minimum measurement range for detection : 18.75nM
Minimun dilution number of urine sample : ?2
Minimum sensitivity for detection : 37.5nM
Within-run (n=20, 2 concentration) : CV(%) = 5.76, 2.58
Between-run (n=20, 2 concentration) : CV(%) = 6.76, 4.25

Recovery test : In the recovery study, recoveries between 96% and 108% were obtained for 2, 4, 8times dilutions of the sample urine
Coexistence substance
No influence to Hemoglobin 4500mg/dL Bilirubin 180mg/dL Glucose 1000mg/dL Ascorbic acid 40mg/dL

Usage Notes

The Reagents should be stored at recommended temperature, -30Υ.

Do not use the reagents which is expired the date of usage.
Urine sample should be diluted more than 4 times with Dilution solution.  
Do not leave the standard and Antibody for long time under room temperature.  
The glassware for making coloring solution should be clean.
Since OPD (o-phenylendiamine) is harmful, handle with care.
Since Stop solution,1N H2SO4, is strong acid, handle with care.  
The kit is constructed with well-adjusted combination in each lot.
Replaced combination among different lots may cause unexpected results. 
This kit is only for research use.
Do not use for medicinal or any other purposees.  
When using the reagents, take care to avoid them from touching to skin, mucous membrane, clothes, and getting into eye.
If the reagents happen to get into eye or mouth, wash out them and consult a doctor if you need.  

After using the kit, wash your hand very carefully.  
If you find that the packages of the reagents are broken or something wrong, do not use them.
When you store the reagents, make sure to avoid them from vaporizing, falling down.  
After using the reagents, the packages should be discarded under the established rule.
We do not guarantee the quality of the packages and accompaniments if not used according this direction. ?Storage? All

Standard curve

Kit Contents

(1) Antigen coated microtiter plate,96 wells 1 plate
(2) Diacetylspermine standard 250µl × 2
(3) Antibody diluent 20mL × 1
(4) Anti Diacetylspermine antibody concentrate(×100) 80µl × 1
(5) HRP-anti Rabbit IgG Antibody concentrate(×80) 60µl × 1
(6) OPD (o-phenylendiamine) tablets 2 tab.
(7) Substrate solution 30 mL × 1
(8) Stop solution 15 mL × 1
(9) Wash buffer concentrate (×20) 30 mL × 1
(10) Dilution plate 1 plate


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Nature New Biol 233:144-145,1971
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Sugimoto M, Hiramatsu K, Kamei S, Kinoshita K, Hoshino M, Iwasaki K, and Kawakita M
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