cell culture substrate for the culturing , such as fibroblasts, epithelial cells and osteoblasts

Collagen microspheres



Collagen microspheres are a cell culture substrate prepared from bovine dermal type I Atelocollagen. This product can be used for the culturing , such as fibroblasts, epithelial cells and osteoblasts, and has proven effective for the long-term maintenance of cell cultures.

Characteristics of Atelocollagen FAQ
Atelocollagen is a collagen solubilized by protease, but its physical properties are virtually identical to those of natural, unsolubilized collagen. Furthermore, atelocollagen additionally has superior characteristics;----- More

Characteristics of Atelocollagen FAQ

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Feature and Advantages

Since collagen microspheres are prepared from fibril-forming type I Atelocollagen, they offer a cellular environment similar to living system.



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15 ML contact us

Size : 100-400 µm,
Concentration : about 3,800 cm²/15 ml
About 3,000,000 particles, Sterile

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