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  • Peroxidase Stabilizer|ST2010 |Synthetic polymer type peroxidase stabilizer|

Peroxidase Stabilization Reagent for Immunological Measurement

Peroxidase Stabilizer|ST2010 |Synthetic polymer type peroxidase stabilizer|



This reagents for assay consist mainly of synthetic polymers and contain no materials derived from animals, so there is no danger of infection (such as Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease) from animals. Since synthetic polymers are the main components, all lots are quite uniform, and they can be boiled and autoclaved to sterilize and deactivate DNase. This reagents for assey are also highly stable against freezing, agitation, etc.


Blocking Reagents [PDF]

Feature and Advantages

  • Peroxidase stabilizer for enzyme Immunoassay
  • Do not contain any bio-derived materials
  • Excellent stability for POD conjugate protein



  • Use it like usual stabilizer
  • Use from 1 to 25-fold dilution --recommend stock solution --
  • Recommend dilute POD conjugate over 10 fold 


    POD Stability

    Figure 4 Remaining activity of POD that was stored at 40°CPOD was diluted to optimum concentration (0.1mg/mL in this example) with the direct POD stabilizer solution. POD solution was filtrated with 0.22μm pore-size filter, and store at 40oC. POD activity was measures with H2O2-ABTS coloring-system. The activity at initial time (0 days) was indicated as 100 %

    How to Use

    ¥ Dilute peroxidase compounds directly with ST2010 undiluted solution for storage.

    ¥ Although ST2010 undiluted solution can be used directly as reaction solution, efficiency is slightly lowered. It is recommended that H100 be diluted more than 10 times with appropriate buffer solution, etc. to be used as reaction solution.



    ¥ ST2010 should be used as soon as possible after opening.

    ¥ Full efficiency may not be achieved depending on measurement system, blend, etc.

    Product List

    Product Name Cat# Quantity Price

    Peroxidase Stabilizer ST2010 DataSheet ,


    100 ML N/A

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    To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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