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  • Anti human HNF4 alpha mouse monoclonal antibody (isoforms1,2,4,5,7and 8)

High-quality antibody necessary for transcriptional control signal

Anti human HNF4 alpha mouse monoclonal antibody (isoforms1,2,4,5,7and 8)


HNF4 alpha : Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4 alpha


Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 alpha (HNF4, HNF4a ; NR2A1) is a member of orphan nuclear receptor. HNF4a is expressed in the liver, kidney, intestine andpancreas. Mutation of HNF4a in humans has been associated with maturity-onset diabetes of the young type 1 (MODY1). HNF4 binds to DNA as an exclusive homodimer. The HNF4a gene is alternatively spliced and may generate up to nine different isoforms, HNF4a1 through HNF4a9.


<Recommended Concentration>
In order to obtain the best results, optimal working dilutions should be determined by each individual user.
Western Blot : 1 ug/mL
ELISA : 0.1 ug / mL
Immunoprecipitation : Decide by use
Supershift Assay : Not yet tested
Chromatin immunoprecipitation : Not yet tested
Immunohistochemistry : 10-20 ug / mL

Human Liver Hepatocyte paraffin section

Rat Intestine Epithelial cell paraffin section

1. Jae Mi Suh, et al. Mol Endocrinol, Dec. 2006, 20(12):3412-3420
2. Jun Qin, et al. Developmemtal Dynamics, 2007, 236:810-820 Higashiyama, et al. Acta Histochem, 2007, [E pub]


This antibody specifically recognizes human HNF4 alpha 1- 6 and cross reacts with mouse and rat HNF4 alpha 1-6.

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Anti HNF4(α) (isoforms 1-6), Human (Mouse)  DataSheet


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