High-quality antibody necessary for transcriptional control signal

Anti human FXR mouse monoclonal antibody


FXR : Farnesoid X Receptor


Farnesoid X-activated receptor (FXR, HRR-1, BAR, RIP14; NR1H4) is a member of orphan nuclear receptor. FXR is expressed in liver, intestinal villi, renal tubes and adrenal cortex. FXR is a global regulator of bile acid metabolism. Two genes, cholesterol 7ahydroxylase(CYP7A1) and IBABP (ileal bile acid binding protein), which are implicated in bile acid biosynthesis and recycling, respectively, are target genes of FXR. FXR was shown to be transcriptionally activated by falnesol metabolites such as farnesol itself, juvenile hormone III. FXR binds to DNA only as a heterodimer with RXR.


<Recommended Concentration>
In order to obtain the best results, optimal working dilutions should be determined by each individual user
  Western Blot : 1 ug/mL
  ELISA : 0.2 ug/mL
  Immunoprecipitation : Decide by use
  Supershift Assay : Not yet tested
  Chromatin immunoprecipitation : Not yet tested
  Immunohistochemistry : 20-40 ug/mL

Rat Liver Hepatocyte frozen section

Rat Small intestine Epithelial cell paraffin section

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This antibody specifically recognizes human FXR and cross reacts with mouse and rat FXR.

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Anti FXR, Human (Mouse) Unlabeled DataSheet


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