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Pin-point Protein Labeling An amber stop codon (UAG) is used for pin-point fluorescence or biotin labeling.

CloverDirect™ tRNA Reagents for Site-Directed Protein Functionalization_Application



[Expression of site-directly labeled proteins]

Fluorescent- and biotin-labeled unnatural amino acids are incorporated into eight prokaryote and eukaryote proteins. The site-directly fluorescent-labeled proteins can be visualized on SDS-PAGE using a laser-based fluorescence scanner. The proteins are also detectable by an antibody against tag peptide or biotin. A 0.25 ? 1 µL of translational reaction mixture is sufficient for the detection. · Labeled unnatural amino acids that are not incorporated into proteins are detected at the bottom of SDS-PAGE gel.

2UAG : UAG codon is inserted after initiator AUG codon.
ProX tag : ProX tag is fused to the N-terminus.
Applied volume: 0.25 µL of translational reaction mix
Fluorescence image (Top) are visualized with Ex and Em
wavelengths listed below:
HiLyteFluor488 Ex : 488nm / Em : 520 nm
TAMRA Ex : 532nm / Em : 580 nm
ATTO633 Ex : 635nm / Em : 670 nm
Western blotting (Bottom) are visualized by anti-His tag antibody (for fluorescent amino acids) and anti-biotin antibody (for biotin).

[Applications for site-directly fluorescent labeled proteins]

The site-directly fluorescent-labeled proteins are available to the following measurements.

·Interaction analysis using single molecule fluorescence analysis Single Molecule fluorescence detection system (MF20 / Fluor Point-Light MF20; OLYMPUS)
·Conformation analysis of protein by inter- or intra-molecular fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)
·Functional analysis in cell imaging
·Interaction analysis in protein array
·Expression analysis by in-gel fluorescent detection of SDS-PAGE

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4. Efficient Incorporation of Nonnatural Amino Acids with Large Aromatic Groups into Streptavidin in in vitro Protein Synthesizing Systems
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