useful for the research of the nerve growth factor (NGF)/tumor necrosis factor super family

Anti human-NGFR Monoclonal Antibody



Monoclonal antibody NGFR, p75 recognizes the 75 kDa NGF receptor p75NGFR.The p75 receptor protein is a member of the nerve growth factor (NGF)/tumor necrosis factor super family of receptors.NGFR reacts with peripheral nerve sheath tumors and pheochromocytomas.NGFR is also reactive with round cell, desmoplastic and neurotropic melanomas.

Host Rat
Specificity human
Clone name TX19
Concentraction 1mg/mL
Application Western Blot
Storage Buffer PBS(incl.0.001% sodium azide)
Storage instructions 4°C
Application motes Western Blot 1/500-1/1000
Immunocytochemistry 1/500-1/1000
Immunopreciritation 1/500-1/1000
FCM 1/50

Flow Cytometry Analysis

Detection of cell membrane human NGFR in BW5147 cell lines. Cells were stained using anti human NGFR antibody and anti-rat IgG FITC conjugated mAb (blue) or the isotype control (red). Flow cytometry was performed on FACS Calibur.

Immunoblot Analysis

BW5147 NGFR expression cells lysate was resolved by anti-human NGFR antibody.  Proteins were visualized using anti-rat secondary antibody conjugated to HRP and chemiluminescence detection system.

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Anti NGFR, Human (Rat) Unlabeled DataSheet


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