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IDLISA Human MIF Immunoassay Kit



IDLISA Human MIF Immunoassay KitMacrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) is the first T-cell-derived soluble lymphokine identified. It inhibits the random migration of macrophage out of capillary tubes and is profoundly involved in delayed-type hypersensitivity(1,2).

Through the past few years, previously unrecognized properties of MIF have been discovered.

In 1989, Human MIF cDNA was first cloned from activated-T-cells,demonstrating
that this protein consists of 114 amino acid residues(3).The 25 amino acids from N-terminal of the rat MIF (13K protein) show 35% sequence homology with that of the rat glutathion S-transferase (GST) Yb subunit(4). This finding indicates that MIF is a unique protein linking the immune system with the detoxification system.

Recently, unexpected properties of this protein have been revealed. MIF works as an anterior pituitary-derived hormone, potentiating lethal endotoxaemia(5), and overrides the glucocorticoid-mediated suppression of inflammatory and immune responses(6). It was also found to play an essential role in the activation of T-cells after mitogenic or antigenic stimuli(7). On the other hand, it is reported that MIF mRNA expression is correlated with differntiation of lens cells, suggesting the involvement of MIF in cellular proliferation and differentiation(8), and the presence of MIF protein was mostly limited to the basal layer(9). These results suggest that MIF may have roles beyond the immune system.

Addition to these properties , MIF is expressed in a wide variety of organs, including the brain, kidney, and liver, and in a variety cells, suggesting its involvement in various pathophysiological phenomena beyond the immune system(9-15). Moreover the primary amino acid sequence identity between MIF molecules from various species is greater than 80%, suggesting MIF may be factor as homeostasis of cells.

In this context, MIF should become a major target for the investigation of broad-spectrum pathophysiology and may be applicable for clinical therapeutic use in various disease in the near future, and MIF must be widely remarkable for its importance.

Now, we have developed a MIF Immunoassay Kit . This kit can be used for
quantitative determination of both natural MIF and recombinant MIF in various samples, such as serum, body fluid, buffered solution, cell culture medium, etc..

Since we have used highly specific anti-MIF antibody in this kit, kit user will be able to obtain an accurate data easily even with small volume of samples. And we believe that this kit must widely suport the studies of MIF via in vitro to in vivo.

Studying MIF especialy for it's unique function have just started. So, in future,
this kit must become important tool for remarkable MIF studies.


Reagents of a kit (96 wells)

Components Contains
1) Human MIF Standard Lyophilized recombinant Human MIF 600µL
2) Standard and Antibody-
HRP Diluent Buffer
Phosphate Buffer 30mL
3) MIF Antibody-coated
Coated with mouse anti-Human MIF antibody 96wells
4) Peroxidase Conjugate Lyophilized HRP labeled mouse anti-Human MIF antibody 1mL
5) Stabilized Chromogen 3,3',5,5'-Tetramethyl Benzidine(TMB) 12mL
6) Stop Solution 0.5N H2SO4-0.5N HCl 20mL
7) Wash Buffer Concentrate(20X) PBS-Tween 20 Concentrate(20X) 30mL
8) Accessories Plate Covers 2 adhesive strips
STORAGE: Store at 2 to 8°C.
EXPIRY: The expiry date is stated on the package.
WARNING: For research use only.
Not recommended or intended for diagnosis of disease in humans or animals.
Do not use internally or externally in humans or animals.

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