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For analysis RBP-JƒÈ function, Notch signaling, transcription repression

anti RBP-J kappa (CBF1, KBF2) monoclonal antibodies



RBP-Jκ, also known as RBPJ, CBF1, and KBF2, (among others) is a widely expressed DNA binding protein. RBPJ was originally identified as a DNA binding protein associated with immunoglobulin Jκ gene recombination signal sequences (specifically those with 23 bp spacers), suggesting a role for RBPJ in V-J gene rearrangement in developing B-cells. RBPJ also interacts directly with the Notch receptor, a critical mediator of cell-cell communication and cell-fate decisions. Association with RBPJ is required for Notch transcription activator function. RBP-Jk is a bifunctional protein. When not bound by Notch, RBPJ functions as a transcriptional repressor of Notch responsive genes. More recently, activation of the host anti-apoptotic gene blf-1 by Epstein Barr virus (EBV) was found to require interaction between EBV nuclear antigen 2 (EBNA2) and RBPJ, further underscoring a role for RBPJ in B-cells. These antibodies will be useful to further understand various function of RBPJ in cells.

anti RBP-J kappa monoclional antibodiesPDF
Clone No.   K0043 T6709 T6719
Immunogen   recombinant
Ig class   rat IgG1 rat IgG2a rat IgG2a
Application Western Blot +/- + +
Immunostaining + + -
Super shift assay + - -
Immunoprecipitation + - -
ELISA + + +
Form    Purified culture supernatant
Package   0.5mL 2ml 2ml
Strage   2`8°C (Below -20°C@for long term strage)
Reference   2) 1),2) 2)

1. Y.Hamaguchi et al.
J.Biochem., 112(3), 314-320, 1992
;Biochemical and immunological characterization of the DNA binding protein (RBP-J-kappa) to mouse J kappa recombination signal sequence.
2. T.Sakai et al. J.Biochem., 118(3), 621-628, 1995
;Loss of Immunostaining of the RBP-J-kappa Transcription Factor upon F9 cell Differntiation Induced by Retinoc Acid.
3. K.Tanigaki et al Nature Immunology 3(5): 443-450, 2002.
Notch-RBP-J signaling is involved in cell fate determination of marginal zone B cells.
4. N.Yamamoto et al. Current Biology, 13, 333-338, 2003
;Notch/RBP-J Signaling Regulates Epidermis / Hair Fate Determination of Hair Follicular Stem Cells.
5. J.Grego-Bessa et al Developmental Cell 12(3): 415-429, 2007.
Notch signaling is essential for ventricular chamber development.

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Anti RBP-Jk, Mouse (Rat) Unlabeled DataSheet


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Anti RBP-Jk, Mouse (Rat) Unlabeled DataSheet


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Anti RBP-Jk, Mouse (Rat) Unlabeled DataSheet


2 ML ¥60,000

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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