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Research Kit for Aging, Vitamin C and Lung Diseases

SMP30/Gluconolactonase (GNL) WesternBlot & ImmunoStaining Kit



SMP30 (Senescence Marker Protein-30) is a 34-kDa protein whose tissue levels in the liver, kidney, and lung decrease with aging (1, 2). SMP30 expressed in multiple tissues including the liver, kidney, brain, lung, adrenal gland, stomach, ovary, uterus, testis and epidermis. Recently, SMP30 was identified as the lactone-hydrolyzing enzyme gluconolactonases (GNL) of animal species (3). GNL is a key enzyme which involve in vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) biosynthesis. SMP30 knockout mice displayed symptoms of scurvy when fed a vitamin C-deficient diet. Moreover, SMP30 protects mice lungs from oxidative stress associated with aging and smoking (4). Thus SMP30 is a key age-associated protein for aging, vitamin C and lung disease research.

š SMP30, Gluconolactonase and Regucalcin are all identical protein.

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SMP30 [Gluconolactonase, GNL] WesternBlot & ImmunoStain Kit, Rat DataSheet


1 KIT ¥68,000

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Anti SMP30 [Regucalcin, Gluconolactonase (GNL)], Rat (Rabbit) Unlabeled DataSheet


0.1 ML ¥30,000

Anti PAD2, Human (Rabbit) Unlabeled DataSheet


0.1 ML ¥30,000

Anti GFAP, Human (Rabbit) Unlabeled DataSheet


0.2 ML ¥30,000

To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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