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  • 17β- Estradiol EIA Kit (For Environmental water)

useful for measurement of 17?- estradiol in environmental water, especially in rivers and waste water.

17β- Estradiol EIA Kit (For Environmental water)



Estrogen is now known to include over 20 kinds of related steroidal compounds. Among them, sterone (E1), estradiol (E2), amd estriol (E3) are most abundant in the human body. The three are highly stable, to which other estrogen – related steroidal compounds are shown to be transformed rapidly in the metabolic processes.
Recently, estrogen is attracting public attention as an environmental pollutant, especially in rivers and waste water. The assessment of such pollution is therefore an important issue to protect people from the adverse estrogenic effects of the pollutant.
Some immunoassay kits are already available commercially for measurement of estrogen, but only in blood and not in environmental materials. As a part of the developments of a series of estrogen immunoassay kits, we produced the immunoassay kit for measurement of 17β- estradiol in environmental water, especially in rivers and waste water. The present kit is characterized by its high specificity and sensitivity and easy handling.

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Feature and Advantages

This EIA kit is used for quantitative determination of 17β- estradiol in environmental water. It has a lot of advantage to perform the assay, such as good quantification and high specificity.

The EIA kit shows cross reactivity of 100“ to 17β- estradiol and shows no cross reactivity to testosterone, estrone, progesteron and estriol.

<Test Principle>
This EIA kit for determination of 17β- estradiol in environmental water sample is based on a competitive enzyme immunoassay using combination with highly specific antibody to 17β- estradiol and biotin – avidin affinity system. The 96 wells plate is coated with goat anti rabbit IgG. Biotinylated 17β- estradiol, 17β- estradiol standard or samples and rabbit anti 17β- estradiol are added to the wells for competitive immunoreaction. After rinsing out excess 17β- estradiol, HRP labeled streptoavidins are added to bind to the antigen - antibody complex so that HRP labeled streptoavidins | biotinylated 17β- estradiol | antibody complexs are formed on the surface on the wells. Finally, excess HRP labeled streptoavidins are rinsed out and HRP enzyme activity is determined and the concentration of 17β- estradiol is calculated.


Component Form Quantity Main@Ingredient
1. Antibody coated plate MTP*1 1 plate(96 wells) Goat anti rabbit IgG
2. Standard lyophilized 1 vial (400ng) 17β-estradiol
3. Labeled@antigen lyophilized 1 vial Biotinylated 17β-estradiol
4. Specific antibody lyophilized 1 vial Rabbit anti 17β-estradiol
5. SA-HRP solution liquid 1 bottle (12 mL) HRP labeled streptoavidin
6. Substrate buffer liquid 1 bottle (24 mL) 0.015% Hydrogen Peroxide
7. OPD tablet tablet 2 tablets o-Phenylenediamine hydrochloride
8. Stopping solution liquid 1 bottle (12 mL) 1M-H2SO4
9. Buffer solution Liquid 1 bottle (25 mL) Phosphate buffer
10. Washing solution
Liquid 1 bottle (50 mL) Concentrated saline
11. Adhesive foil   3 sheets  

MTP*1........ Microtitration Plate

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