Troubleshooting for i-MyRun II


Problems you may encount when using i-MyRun II.
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Troubleshooting Guide

Gel electrophoresis stops in the middle of its run
* Gel electrophoresis unit may have become over current state (E1 error will be displayed in such case). Replace with new buffer.

* Safety switch may have been turned off during the gel electrophoresis (E2 error will be displayed in such case). 
Gel electrophoresis speed is slow
* Electrical conductivity may have been increased due to high ionic strength. Replace with new buffer.
Band strains / tilts
* Make sure that agarose gel does not contain any air bubbles nor undissolved gel blocks.

* Make sure that agarose gel is not too thin. For preparation of 4 mm thickness agarose gel, amount of 70-80 mL gel will be required. For 4 mm thickness agarose gel, 9 μL (26 well comb) or 18 μL (13 well comb) of sample can be applied to each well.

* Make sure that buffer temperature has not risen significantly, before and after the gel electrophoresis. Also, aovid performing the gel electrophoresis in high temperature rooms.

* Make sure that gel electrophoresis unit is set horizontally.

* Repeat usage of buffer may cause differences in electrical conductivity and / or pH concentration. Replace with new buffer.
Band not visible
* Double-check the usage of staining dye. Proper UV light wavelength needs to be used for each dyes.

* Try extending the staining time frame.

* Try extending the exposure time frame.

* Try viewing the result in dark room.

* Double-check that the sample amount applied was enough.

* If observing the result through gel electrophoresis tank or tray, try observing only the gel.

* If the gel after gel electrophoresis has been left out for prolonged period, nucleic acid bands may diffuse and observation may become difficult.

* If lighting UV for prolonged time to the gel after gel electrophoresis, staining dye may fade out.

* Sample may have run through the gel. Try shortening the gel electrophoresis time.

* Sample may have leaked from the bottom of the gel due to gel brakage.

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