Gas Permeable 3D cell culturing plate@\ Enabling highly robust evaluation \

VECELL®  Gas Permeable 384-well G-Plate


Unique 3D Model [Island-shaped 3D Cell Aggregates]

Structure of unique island-shaped aggregates consist of approximately five cell layers, each 100 µm in size.


Comparison with plastic plate (Cell number/nuclear size))

Number of cells per well after cell culture for 5 days.                                                    Cultured cells retained natural tissue configuration, compact cell nucleus and cell functions.


Comparison with general spheroid formation (3D image data)

The unique form has high permeability of fluorescein probes and no light absorption due to cell necrosis. The aggregate detects a wide range of light signals, enabling analysis of even the center of the spheroid.

Unique 3D model [Island-shaped 3D Cell Aggregates]


High mitochondrial membrane potential and wide range of brightness. Toxicity responses were detected after 4-5 hours adding mitochondrial membrane impaired indicator (FCCP).

A high Z-factor for data analysis supports possibility of analysis inside structures 3D structures.

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To be used for research only. DO NOT use for human gene therapy or clinical diagnosis.

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