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PsbA D1 positive control/quantitation standard

Catalog No.: AGR-AS01 016S
Size: 250UL
Price: see also
Size 1
Application: Western Blot
Storage: -20C
Molecular Weight: 41.5 kDa (larger than native protein of 38 kDa due to the addition of His-tag). In most gel systems, PsbA migrates between 30 and 37 kDa
Purpose: Western Blot: Positive control
(A 3 l load is optimal for most chemiluminescent detection systems to use as a positive control.)
Please note that this protein standard is stabilized and does not require heating before loading on the gel.


Figure 1: An example immunoblot of samples of Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942 (lanes 1-4) and Anabaena sp. PCC 7120 (lanes 5-8). Molecular weight markers (MagicMark XP, Invitrogen) are in lane 9. Recombinant PsbA protein standards are loaded in lanes 10-12 at 0.05 pmoles, 0.15 pmoles and 0.45 pmoles.


Figure 2: Standard curve for the blot in Figure 1. Picomoles of quantitated standard is plotted on the X-axis versus the adjusted signal volume obtained on the Y-axis.