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Vitellogenin ELISA

Vitellogenin; Vg

Catalog No.: KAL-KH003
Size: 1KIT
Price: [DISCONTINUED] Sorry!! This product is not available anymore.
antigen/source: Vitellogenin
catalog info: 2008 Japanes Assay kit Catalog-p839
Storage: -70C
Immunogen: Carp
Reacts with: Carp
Measurement Range: 7.8 - 500 ng / mL
Purpose: Vitellogenin (Vg) is a precurser of egg york and detected female serum near ovulation. Vg is not detected in male serum, but treated with 17-estradiol, Vg is detectable in male serum. Carp Vg ELISA kit is constructed as a sandwich ELISA format using anti carp Vg antibodies and titrate serum carp Vg.
component: Antibody: X
Plate: X
Coating: X
Control: -
Standard: X
Labeling: X
Substrate: X
Others: X
1. Antibody-coated microtiter plate (8 wells ~12) : 1 plate
2. The standard, Carp Vg, lyophilized : 2 vials
3. Dilution solution : 30 mL
4. HRP-conjugated anti Carp Vg antibody (~500) : 30 uL
5. Substrate buffer : 15 mL
6. OPD (o-phenylendiamin) tablets : 2 tab.
7. Wash solution (~20) : 30 mL
8. Stop solution : 6 mL


 Applicable sample 
Dynamic range : 7.8 - 500 ng / mL
This kit is constructed using the antibodies specific to carp Vg , as both capture and secondary antibodies of sandwich ELISA format. During the assay, carp Vg in the samples is captured by the antibody, immobilized on the surface of microplate wells, and simultaneously reacts with the horseradish peroxidase (HRP) labeled antibody. Quantitation of carp Vg in samples can be made by measurement of HRP activity of the complex, which is exponential to the quantity of carp Vg.


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