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MagExtractor -His-tag-

Catalog No.: TYB-NPK-701
Size: 100RXN
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catalog info: Catalog 2012-p243
Storage: 4C
Purpose: This kit is for the extraction of high purity total RNA from biological samples such as cultured cells and tissues. The recovered total RNA can be used in enzymatic reactions such as RT-PCR. Magnetic silica beads bind total RNA present in a lysate solution, thus deproteinization using harmful reagents such as phenol, ethanol precipitation, or high-speed centrifugation are not necessary. This kit is suitable for the MFX Series automatic nucleic acids extraction system and can also be used as a manual kit for B/F (solid-liquid) separation using a magnetic beads separation stand.


Extraction of Total RNA from Cultured Cells, Tissue, and Yeast, etc. The recovered total RNA can be used in enzymatic reactions such as RT-PCR.
1. Examination of Yield and Purity Total RNA was extracted from 2~106 HeLa cells using this kit and the AGPC RNA extraction method.
The yield obtained with this kit was approximately equivalent to that obtained by the AGPC method.
With regard to purity, the electrophoretic patterns and OD ratios indicate that this kit extracts high purity RNA with almost no contamination such as proteins and DNA.
2. Example PCR with Extracted RNA
1 ul of the total RNA extracted from 2~106 HeLa cells was used to perform RT-PCR with transferrin receptor mRNA as the target (2115 bp).
As a result, amplifi cation of the target was detected only in the reverse transcription reactions, and expression of the transferrin receptor gene which is normally low, was confi rmed.
The resultss howed that RNA obtained with this kit enables RT-PCR with varioustargets.
3. Extraction from Rat Tissue
Total RNA was extracted from rat tissue using this kit.
50-100 mg of rat tissue was frozen in liquid nitrogen and crushed with a hammer. 750-900 ul of ice-cold Lysis & Binding Solution
(2-ME content) was added, and the mixture was homogenized completely with a pestle. The supernatant was removed and left at room temperature for 10 minutes to extract the total RNA. The results showed that by performing homogenization, extraction of high quality RNA, waspossible even from tissue samples.
Suitable for Various Samples
Allows extraction of total RNA from cultured cells, tissues, and yeast, etc.
Total RNA mainly contains rRNA and mRNA.
Quick, Simple Extraction
MagExtractor® -RNA- is based on the principle that magnetic silica beads bind total RNA, enabling quick simple extraction.
No Phenol or Chloroform Extraction
This kit does not require the use of harmful phenol or chloroform for deproteinization thus no hazardouswaste is produced.
Produces High Purity Total RNA
The total RNA extracted with this kit rarely contains impurities such as DNA or proteins, allowing for use in enzymatic reactions such as RT-PCR.