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NO Synthase 1 EIA

Catalog No.: YII-YK100-EX
Size: 1KIT
Price: ¥76000
antigen/source: NOS-1
catalog info: Catalog 2012-p112
Storage: 4C
Immunogen: Human
Reacts with: Rat
Measurement Range: 0.133-32.4 pmol/mL
Purpose: This EIA kit is used for quantitative determination of human/rat NOS-I in tissue extract samples. The kit is characterized by its sensitive quantification and high specificity. In addition, it has no influences by other components in samples. Human NOS-I (998-1024) standard of this kit is a highly purified synthetic product (purity: higher than 98%). HPLC purified biotinylated glycylglycyl-human NOS-I (998-1024) is used as labeled antigen.
component: Antibody: X
Plate: X
Coating: X
Control: -
Standard: X
Labeling: X
Substrate: X
Others: X
1. Antibody coated plate 1 plate (96 wells)
2. NOS-I Standard 1 vial
3. Labeled antigen 1 vial
4. Specific antibody 1 bottle (6 mL )
5. SA-HRP solution 1 bottle (12 mL )
6. Substrate solution 1 bottle(12mL)
7. Stopping solution 1 bottle (12 mL )
8.Washing solution (concentrated) 1 bottle (25 mL )
9. Buffer solution 1 bottle (25 mL )
10. Adhesive foil 3 pieces


 Applicable sample 
Tissue Extract
This enzyme immunoassay (EIA) kit is a stable and convenient assay system for NO synthase-I (NOS-I) in human/rat tissue extract. The EIA kit is prepared by using synthetic NOS-I (998-1024) as standard and biotinylated NOS-I (998-1024) as labeled antigen. The kit contains specific polyclonal antibody to recognize human/rat NOS-I.


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