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DNA Polymerase κ , Recombinant

Catalog No.: BAM-10-103-EX
Size: 50UG
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Description: Recombinant, His-Tag [Epitope]N-Terminal
catalog info: Catalog 2012-p162
Storage: -70C
Immunogen: Human
Purpose: [Application]
1. Analysis of mutagenesis
component: [Conditions of measurement]
50 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.0), 2 mM MgCl2, 1 mM DTT, 0.1 mg/ml BSA, 0.1 mM dNTP, 100 nM primer/template (13-mer/30-mer) DNA polymerase 13 - 50 ng /25 ul assay, at 37C, 10 min (Fig. 1)
Over 90% by SDS-PAGE


Mammalian DNA polymerase K, a member of the UmuC/DinB nucleotidyl transferase superfamily, has been implicated in spontaneous mutagenesis (1). Human DNA polymerase K copies undamaged DNA with average single-base subsitution and deletion error rates of 7 x 10-3 and 2 x 10-3, respectively. These error rates are high when compared to those of most other DNA polymerases (2). DNA polymerase K has important role in the mutagenic bypass of certain types of DNA lesions (3).
This product was over-expressed as a recombinant protein in E. coli with a plasmid carrying a C-terminal histidine-tagged human DNA polymerase K (1-560 aa), and highly purified by several steps of chromatography (2). The product is catalytically active and its molecular weight is 65 kD (Fig 1). Activity of this product has been confirmed by a user researcher even if it was diluted 8,000-fold.
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U UniProt KB/Swiss-Prot Q9UBT6 (POLK_HUMAN)
Store at -20C



Fig.1 Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of DNA polymerase κ protein


1. Friedberg EC et al ''The many faces of DNA polymerases: strategies for mutagenesis and for mutational avoidance.'' Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 97: 5681-5683 (2000) PMID: 10811923
2. Ohashi E et al ''Fidelity and processivity of DNA synthesis by DNA polyme