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Anti HB-EGF Antibody

Catalog No.: BAM-71-503-EX
Size: 50UG
Price: ¥34500
antigen/source: HB-EGF
host: Mouse
Label: Biotin
Purity: Supernatant
Application: Western Blot
Immuno Fluorescence
catalog info: Catalog 2012-p47
Storage: -20C
Immunogen: Human
Isotype: IgG1
Clone: 4G10
Reacts with: Human
Shape: Steri. and Liq.


Figure. Identification of human HB-EGF by using anti-HB-EGF (clone 4G10) (a) Western blotting. Samples 1. Vero cell extract. 2. Vero cells carrrying human HB-EGF expression vector. 3. Vero cells carrying mouse HB-EGF expression vector (b) Immunoprecipitation. Samples are the same as (a) except that the cell surface was biotinylated (c) Immuno-cytochemistry: Samples; (Vero-H) Vero cells carrying human HG-EGF expression vector. (Vero-mH) Vero cells carrying@@ mouse HB-EGF expression vector. Cells treated with antibody 4G10, fixed with 4% PFA and reacted with Cys3 conjugated 2nd antibody..