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Anti ATF6 α Antibody

Catalog No.: BAM-73-500-EX
Size: 50UG
Price: ¥31500
antigen/source: ATF6 α
host: Mouse
Purity: IgG fraction
Application: Western Blot
catalog info: Catalog 2012-p9
Storage: -20C
Immunogen: Human
Isotype: IgG2a
Clone: 1-7
Reacts with: Human
Shape: Steri. and Liq.


Fig.1 Western blot analysis of human cell extracts using this antibody: Conversion of pATF6α(P) to pATF6α(N) in DTT- or tunicamycin-treated cells. Tm: 2 µg/ml tunicamycin (inhibitor of N-glycosylation). DTT: 1mM dithiothreitol (reducing reagent). The asterisk denotes an unglycosylated form of pATF6α (P). ATF6αis constitutively expressed as pATF6α(P) (~90-kDa protein), and converted to pATF6α(N) (>50-kDa protein) in ER-stressed cells.


Fig.2 IP-Western blot analysis of human cell extracts using this antibody. ATF6αwas detected by Western blot (Input; lanes 1, 2, 7, and 8) using this antibody (No.1-7). After immunoprecipitation (IP) with non-related IgG (IP; lanes 3, 4, 9, and 10) or this antibody (No. 1-7) (IP; lanes 5, 6, 11, and 12), samples were subjected to SDS-PAGE and analyzed by Western blot using this antibody (# 1-7) and anti-mouse IgG antibody (light chain specific).