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Monocyte Wash Medium

Catalog No.: PMC-BMMW-COS
Size: 50ML
Price: ¥20000
catalog info: Catalog 2012-p267
Storage: -20C
Purpose: Wash Medium for Bone Marrow Monocyte Precusor Cell (Cat. No. PMC-BMMC-COS)
component: Monocyte Wash Medium (Code No. PMC-BMMW-COS) 50 mL


Monocyte Wash Medium (PMC-BMMW-COS) is formulated to allow for high viability and optimal growth of monocytes after thawing and upon plating. It is recommended for use with Monocyte Culture Medium (Code No. PMC-BMMG-COS). This product is an optional part of Monocyte Culture Kit (Rat, PMC-BMM01-COS)


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