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Anti LT toxin Antibody

Catalog No.: BAM-64-020EX
Size: 100UL
Price: ¥34500
antigen/source: LT toxin
host: Rabbit
Application: Western Blot
Storage: -20C
Immunogen: Escherichia coli
Reacts with: Escherichia coli


 Background :
Heat labile enterotoxin (LT) is produced by Entero Toxigenic E. coli.and is similar to cholera toxin (CT). The identity of the amino acid sequences of LT and CT is about 80% and both toxins are consist of one subunit A and five subunit B. LT continuously activates adenylate cyclase and elevated level of cAMP inhibits absorption of Na+ by intestinal villi cells, and stimulates secretion of Cl- by villi and crypt cells, thus causing diarrhea. It works as a
potent mucosal adjuvant and is considered to be used as adjuvant with vaccines. Subunit A possesses signal peptide of the amino acids 1-18, and the mature form consists of 19-258 amino acids. Subunit B has signal peptide of 1-21, and the mature form consists of 22-124 amino acids.
 Application :
1) Western blotting (2,000~10,000 time dilution)
2) Immunoprecipitation
Other applications have not been tested.


Fig. 1. Detection LT in culture medium and crude extract of ETEC cells by western blotting, using anti-LT antibody Samples 1. SDS-PAGE of the culture medium of ETEC, CBB stained. 2. SDS-PAGE of the crude extract of ETEC cells, CBB stained. 3. Western Blotting of the culture medium 4 .Westerns blotting of crude extract of ETEC cells. * Indicates a non-specific protein band.