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Real Time PCR Primer Set For Adipose

Catalog No.: PMC-PCRM2-COS
Size: 1SET
Price: ¥90000
Storage: RT
Immunogen: Mouse
Purpose: Real time PCR primer set for mouse adipocyte cells
component: Reference gene primers (3 Genes) 1000 pmole each: Actb, Gapdh, Hprt
Target gene primers (25 Genes) 500 pmole each: Adipoq, Adrb3, Cebpa, Cebpb, Cebpd, Fabp4 (Another name: Ap2), Il10, Il1b, Il6, Insr, Irs1, Irs2, Lep, Ccl2 (Another name MCP1), Serpine1


This kit is a primer set for real time PCR best suited for mouse adipose cells. This kit is a set of genes of differential and metabolic markers which are frequently used for adipose tissue and cell research. It can be used for mouse origin adipocytes, and gene expression analysis for ratadipose tissue.