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PUREfrex® 2.0

Catalog No.: GFK-PF201-0.25-EX
Size: 1KIT
Price: ¥15000
Storage: -70C
component: For 250ul reaction


Term of a guarantee: 4month
PUREfrex(TM) kit is a newly developed reconstituted cell-free protein synthesis reagent based on PURE system technology invented by Professor Takuya Ueda in the University of Tokyo. This reaction systemconsists of proteins, ribosome, amino acids and NTPs only (Ref. 1, 2). Those proteins are necessary for transcription, translation and energy regeneration. The proteins and ribosome are highly purified individually and assembled together to constitutethe protein synthesis system. To synthesize your protein, just add your template DNA or mRNA encoding the protein of interest into reaction mixture, and incubate for several hours. This systemfs biggest point is RECONSTITUTED system by assemblingtranslation related factors only. By this unique character, you may adjust the composition of reaction mixture as you like and may not have to consider serious background for your downstream application.
By improving the purification process ofcomponents of PUREfrex(TM) kit, contamination of RNase and -galactosidase are greatly reduced, in addition to that, lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is also reduced less than 0.1 EU per 1 L of reaction mixture. All proteinous components of PUREfrex(TM) kithave no tags for purification and detection. It allows to fuse your protein with any tag to purify the product.