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Ampoule Opener

Catalog No.: NEW-OP1301-01
Size: 1PC
Price: ¥1800
Storage: RT
Purpose: Open an ampoule
Protect medical professionals from glass shard injuries


 Feature and advantages 
Ampoule Opener is made of special engineering plastic. It is compatible with multiple sizes of ampoule. Besides easy carrying, it is easy to clean and sterilize the opener by wiping with 75% alcohol, soaking in 2% glutaraldehyde(Cidex) for around 3-10 hours, or autoclaving(270F or 132C/32 psig/4 min).

1.Capture the head of ampoule inside the opener and move the head to the appropriate positiojn. The scored point on the head of ampoule must be alignedto the window of the ampoule opener. After that, carefully snap the neck of ampoule by 90 degrees.
2.It can be disassembled to use. The outer part can be used as an ampoule body holder, and the inner part can be used as an opener.
3.There is a smallhole atone end of the ampoule opener for medical professionals to avoid needle stick injuries. A needle with the protective cover can be inserted into the hole and then pull out the needle from the cover. After injection, re-sheath the used needle tothe cover fixed on the opener and then separate the needle from the syringe.
4.There is a sharp point at one end of the ampoule opener. It can be used to open a crimp top vial closed with a rubber stopper and a metal cap.
5.There are two pain assessmentscales on the both side of the ampoule opener. One is smiley type, and the other is digital type.